"There are probably not enough pages on this website to contain everything I'd
like to say about Jennifer, both as a decorator and a person.  Jennifer decorated my
entire home (22 rooms total).  In the beginning, the idea of decorating a new
home is overwhelming and the planning stages require you to think about things
you don't necessarily have the  answers too.  What is your design style?  What
color palette?  What mood do you want each room to invoke?  What's the purpose
of this space?  Jennifer's talent begins far before any questions are asked, before
any decisions are made. You immediately feel confident in her ability to see
you through to the end and with each question that arises she invests herself in
the answer. You don't feel like it is just your home you are designing, you
know she has a deep desire for this home to reflect the wonderful relationship
between designer and client.  She sources materials that I never knew existed
and never would have considered without seeing them in a master plan. How she
makes things flow is an art form and I wholeheartedly admire her vision. In the
end, the one word I would use to describe the finished product is 'masterpiece'. 
Each room could have leapt off the pages of my favorite decorating magazine and
yet it's all a result of Jennifer's talent and ability to listen to her client (not
always an easy thing to do when the wife says one thing and the husband says
another). Still, Jennifer answers both calls and each room is a place in our home
where we both enjoy spending time. Talent is only part of what Jennifer brings to
any project. She is passionate and meticulous. Decorating can run the gamut on
budget and we never doubted a single check we wrote. She respects the budget. 
She doesn't falter when issues arrive, she immediately alters course to stay on
track. Jennifer is not only a decorator but she is a dear friend. It's impossible
to meet her and not want to know her forever." - Kathy Holupka

"I enjoyed collaborating with  Jennifer and seeing how she was able to transform my ideas." - Rita